Revleap | How Big Brands Get More Online Reviews and Protect Their Reputation
Get more online reviews and protect your reputation. Revleap is how to get more Yelp reviews, how to get more google reviews, how to get more Amazon reviews, how to get more Facebook reviews. How to get more Tripadvisor reviews. Remove a bad Yelp Review. Remove a bad google review. Remove a bad facebook review.
Online Reviews, Online Reputation, Reputation Management, 5 Star Reviews
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Increase your ROI

Improve Advertising

Most users see 15-20% gains on advertising by adding a 5-Star rating to Google ads.

Increase Annual Revenue

Each star in your rating can equate to 5-9% of annual revenue. Put your best foot forward.

Monitor Customer Feedback

Monitor customer feedback 24/7 fully integrated with most platforms and applications you already use to manage your customer-facing business.

Get New Reviews

Easily get new reviews and positive feedback in the places that work for your business, automatically.

Tune Business Metrics

Fine tune your business with metrics never available before, highlights from the toughest detractors and capitalize on market trends.

Protect Your Brand

Protect your brand and a superior reputation for higher revenue.

Detect and Prompt

Integrated enterprise solutions proactively detect and prompt your newest customers requesting feedback. SalesForce, Google, PayPal, MailChimp, ZenDesk, or Zuora and 200+ applications seamlessly work together aggregating online reviews.